Yandex Ads

What are Yandex Ads?

Yandex; It is an internet search engine that entered Turkey in 2010 and helps you easily reach your target audience, whose center is Russia, and who are interested in your products or services.

Yandex ads are a system that operates on the same principle as Google ads. Since Yandex is considered new in the Turkish market and is less preferred than Google, it costs less than Google advertising prices. When your ad is clicked by users, you are charged and no payment is made for viewing. Yandex ads work with cost-per-click and advertiser auction.

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Yandex Advertising Types

Yandex Direct

Yandex Direct is a contextual advertising system. In particular, the ad blocks of Yandex Direct, a search and content advertising system, are displayed on these platforms.

You can determine the maximum price you will pay when your ad is clicked and switched,
You can set your ad with a flexible budget, for example you can choose the display time and region,
You can review the statistics about the operation of the advertising campaign at any time, on a daily basis, by each advertisement, by each word group.

Yandex Display Network

Yandex Display Network; They are ads that are shown to an audience with a specific interest on the Yandex Search results page. The aim is to attract the attention of your target audience, who has a certain area of ​​interest, thanks to this advertising network. In this way, it ensures that image, video or text ads related to your business are displayed for the determined target audience.

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