Web Analytics Consulting

What is Web Analytics Consulting?

Benefit from Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio and Yandex Metrica data with Web Analytics Consulting.

You can follow the analysis of your website’s performance, user journey and experience, product performance and advertising performance with fine details and improve your online performance. With transparent reporting, you can ensure your account and budget security.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a Google analysis tool where you can access various reports in order to improve the resources and tools by which users visiting your website are directed to your website, in-site user behavior, product performance and online performance. With the Google Analytics expert, you can direct your advertising performance to these channels by analyzing the source tool platforms that bring the most performance to your business, improve their page performance by analyzing the user experience and turn your visitors into potential customers. You can set different audiences to retarget in your ads.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a Google developer tool that opens a back door to your website, allows you to make code edits or follow in-site actions in more detail. With the Google Tag Manager expert, you can track the scrolling depth of users on your website, which buttons they click, form filling actions, adding carts, and you can easily integrate the tracking codes you want to add to your website and control marketing tools from a single place. With advanced e-commerce tracking, you can find more information about your e-commerce site and users’ purchasing behavior.

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13 Brave Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a Google reporting tool developed by Google that allows you to report all advertising, analysis, reporting and seo data from a single place with its own tools and third party tools. With the Google Data Studio expert, you can analyze the transparent management, performance and trends of your ad accounts with a single report, and access data that affects your online performance with advanced table structures, for example; pie chart of users shopping on your website, an excel table showing the performance of your facebook ad campaigns and a bar chart showing monthly platform-based revenue growth.

Yandex Metrica

Yandex Metrica is a Yandex analysis tool that shows the demographic, resource tool, user behavior and e-commerce performance of users visiting your website, just like Google Analytics. Unlike Google Analytics, it is used as an auxiliary analysis tool for Google Analytics, as it also provides heat maps of users and has the ability to record sessions. With the Yandex Metrica expert, you can follow the behavior of users visiting your website first-hand, make your website more user-friendly, identify the places where users get stuck during the purchasing journey, improve your website in these areas and increase conversion rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Web Analytics Consulting Service

Just before starting Web Analytics Consulting with 13 Brave, we wanted to answer some of your questions. We have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers so that you do not make wrong decisions during the Web Analytics Consulting process.

Google Analytics provides user data such as demographics, geography, interests or audiences of users visiting your website, reporting on in-site user and page experience, and e-commerce It is a Google analysis tool that gives performance. In the light of this data, it helps you to increase the on-site performance and focus on efficient advertising channels by analyzing the behavior on your website.
Google Data Studio is a Google reporting tool that lets you report your online performance in one place, with access to all your advertising platforms and analytics tools. In this way, you will have the opportunity to take a look at the general performance of all channels in monthly, weekly and daily periods. You can easily catch potential issues or trends.
With the analytics and reporting specialist, you have the chance to transparently review your advertising and seo performance and analyze the online behavior of your website visitors more closely. Thus, you can increase your ad performance by using the most efficient advertising channels, the most efficient target audience and the most efficient landing pages for your business.
The sourcing agent report is a report that shows from which platforms the users who visit your website are directed to your website. In this way, by analyzing the bounce rates, conversion rates, page session rates and average session duration of the channels, you can turn to the most efficient channels and stop the low-performing channels or analyze the reason.
With the on-site behavior report, it is possible to see the pages visited by users, exit rates on these pages, session and visitor rates, average duration and page value. In this way, you can analyze the performance of your visitors on a page-specific basis, and you can solve the problems by analyzing the pages that have problems in the purchasing journey.
Of course, Google Tag Manager can be installed on any infrastructure provider, whether it's Ideasoft, Ticimax, WordPress or Shopify.
With the heatmap and session recording features in Yandex Metrica, it is possible to improve the on-page user experience by analyzing the heatmap performance of the pages, and to watch the session recordings and the sessions of the users as videos, so you have the opportunity to see the problems experienced first-hand and eliminate the problems. .
If the analysis accounts have been created before, we continue the process by gaining access, if not, creating a new one and giving you the ownership authority. All accounts set up belong to you and we provide transparent advertising and seo management.
We provide reports in weekly and monthly periods. With instant requests, it is of course possible to create the report for the requested period and send it.
Since the tracking codes are created specifically for the domain or sub-domain, it is not possible to track third party websites such as Trendyol, N11 or Hepsiburada.
Pages in the journey required for conversion on your website are collected in a funnel and this funnel is presented by Google Analytics with a visual report. Thus, you can closely follow the bottlenecks of users in the purchasing journey and intervene.
You can create audiences by using the audience analysis report to use in your remarketing ads. For example, users who only come from the Instagram discount campaign, users who add products to their cart and do not buy, or users who spend more than 45 seconds.

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