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What are TV Ads?

In terms of reach, television ads stand out for their high reach. Television is one of the channels that reach millions of people at the same time and the prestige of your brand will rise the fastest. The television, which appeals to the eye and the ear at the same time, shortens the process of convincing your customers considerably. In terms of prestige, televisions that carry your brand up in a much shorter time than many other channels increase trust in the brand through advertisements. Advertising on television also has advantages such as providing high access, fast frequency, measuring turns, appealing to emotions.

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Television Ad Types

Spot Advertisement: It is a promotional advertisement of minimum 5 seconds broadcasted within the advertisement zone.
Subband Advertisement: It is an 8 to 10-second animated advertisement model that takes place within the broadcast television program, covers approximately 1/5 of the screen. Since its performance is equal to the program performance, its access is high.
Advertorial Advertisement: It is a 60/90 second detailed product promotion performed by the program host or the hostess assigned by the brand within the selected program. It is especially preferred in launch campaigns. It provides the advantage of introducing the newly launched product to the market in detail and in practice.
Product Placement: The integration of the product or service into the selected television production. It enables the target audience to establish a stronger connection with the brand and reinforces brand loyalty. It is often used in television series.
Scenario Integration: In scenario integration, special sections are added to the scenario for the product/service in a way that does not disrupt the flow. Actors both talk about the product and use the product as per the scenario.
Program Sponsorship: It can also be called program ownership. The voice-over says “presents/will continue/continues/presented” for 5 seconds each before, at the end of the selected program and between generations. It is a type of advertisement that provides branding.
Advertisement with Time Code: It is an advertisement application that is shown “simultaneously” on all selected channels. Even with zapping, advertising cannot be avoided. High cost but high accessibility.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Our TV Ads Service

Just before we started working on TV commercials with 13 Brave, we wanted to answer some of your questions. In order not to make wrong decisions during the advertising process, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you.

Preparing the content of the advertisement to be broadcast on television is as important as placing an advertisement on the right television channel at the right time. It is extremely important that you choose the right agency, which will be your solution partner, in order to effectively prepare the desired message.
There are multiple factors that determine the price of the advertisement to be given to television channels. To count them roughly; It is possible to list these as the sector of the advertising company, the broadcast time of the program you want to advertise, the rating of the television channel, the broadcast frequency of the advertisement and how long it will last. As Brave, we enable our customers to advertise on television under the most favorable conditions and create a price advantage by utilizing the opportunities provided by the total purchasing volume.
News channels are thematic channels and they are channels that continue their broadcasts mainly on news. It is possible to list the main news channels as Cnn Türk, TGRT Haber, Kanal 24, A news, Trt Haber, Ülke Tv, Ntv, Haber Türk, Today Tv. In the observations made, it has been concluded that the companies receive effective returns from the news channels, whose target audience is mostly male individuals. Among the factors affecting the advertising prices of news channels, there are factors such as the broadcast frequency of the advertisement, the sector addressed by the advertiser brand, the broadcast time of the program to be advertised and the duration of the advertisement.
OPT: means Off Prime Time and corresponds to time zones where prices are relatively more affordable for television advertisements. These hours usually mean between 08:00-18:00.
PT: means Prime Time and means between 18:00-23:30. These hours are generally the hours when the channels are watched the most, and they are the times when the price is higher than the daytime zone.
Channels that broadcast only on a certain subject, such as music, news, sports, and documentaries, are called thematic channels. To give an example, channels that make news-heavy broadcasts such as CNN Türk, TGRT Haber, NTV, Haber Türk, Kanal 24, Today Tv, TRT Haber, A Haber are in the category of news-themed channels. Channels such as Number One Tv, Kral Tv and Power Türk are examples of channels that broadcast with a music theme. We can give examples of thematic channels broadcasting with a sports theme, Ntv Spor, and channels broadcasting with the theme of farmers, Bereket Tv. For brands with a specific target audience, advertisements published on thematic broadcasting channels give faster results.

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