Social Media Consulting

What is Social Media Consulting?

Social Media Management, which is an indispensable part of digital marketing, creates success for brands when continuity and effective strategies are developed. The way to reach your potential customers and high sales is through strategic and correct social media management.

Social media management is the only way for your customers to reach you and thus get to know you correctly. The professional creation of content and the roadmap you will follow regarding social media should be made by a professional social media expert. You cannot be successful on social media without the right content, the right promotion, and the right business partner standing behind you.

13 Brave Social Media Logos
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What are the Benefits of Being in Social Media?

  • Your brand awareness increases. You can convey your brand identity to the crowd in the most accurate way with your social media profile, where you can most easily explain the mission and vision of your brand.
  • You will be more accessible. Having your brand in a world where 52 million people actively use it means reaching your brand to many more people.
  • It increases your sales rates. Social media channels, which are a very affordable platform in terms of price, bring your brand together with the customer profile looking for your service with the right targeting.
  • Web and SEO support. Being on social media helps you to increase the traffic of your website, which is the face of your brand on the internet, and to be higher in searches.

What Services Do We Offer As Social Media Agency?

  • Account Strategy and Management
  • Content Production Strategy and Management
  • Campaign Strategy and Management
  • Community Analysis and Interaction Planning
  • Followers Management
  • Community Management
  • Crisis and Online Reputation Management
  • Content Writing
  • Channel analytics
  • Reporting
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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Social Media Consulting Service

We wanted to answer some of the questions in your mind just before starting our social media consultancy work with 13 Brave. We have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you so that you do not make wrong decisions during the consultancy process.

Social media management generally covers how these accounts should be used, what action should be taken to make the pages grow, image management and the ways and methods to be followed in times of crisis.
Social media platforms, which play an active role for brands and companies, are attractive areas for corporate companies to reach their goals directly. Through social media accounts, the products of companies can be easily introduced to consumers. In this way, they can get feedback from consumers much faster and obtain information much more easily.
Social media accounts are reported in 15 or 30-day periods. In these reports, it is of great importance to read the data correctly.
Making 1 or more posts per day in accounts negatively affects interaction. 15 posts per month will be enough to keep your target audience with you.
Their accounts are regularly followed on social media, and follower comments are answered instantly. Acting in this way, ensuring customer satisfaction is very important in terms of keeping the reputation of the brand high.
In order to promote your social network accounts easily, you need to use the same name on all social media accounts of your brand.

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