Snapchat Ads

What are Snapchat Ads?

Ads given on Snapchat, the popular instant messaging application with more than 150 million users today, are called Snapchat ads. Snapchat is widely used, especially among young people. The desire of brands to appeal to the young audience makes it possible for them to advertise on this platform. At this point, as 13Brave, we offer you services to reach the target audience in the fastest and most accurate way, and to increase the return on your advertising investment, within the framework of different advertising models offered to brands by Snapchat. We manage your advertising processes in order to promote the product and service offered by your brand, especially to the young audience, locally and globally.

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Snapchat Ad Models

Although the advertisements shown within the Snapchat application are of different types and varieties, it is possible to explain the advertisement models offered to you, the customers, as follows.

Discover Ads

While there are areas where users are published while viewing their friend stories, they are shown as short videos like 10 seconds.

App Ads

It is in the form of gifs or videos that are shown in a short time like 10 seconds.

Snapchat Sponsored Filter Ads

It is in the form of presenting the filters for the product or service to the users and including your product in the video and photograph with these filters.

Geofilter Sponsor Filters

For a product or service to be promoted locally, it is generally preferred to reach a more effective target audience with less budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Snapchat Ads Service

Just before we started working on Snapchat ads with 13 Brave, we wanted to answer some of your questions. In order not to make wrong decisions during the advertising process, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you.

Snapchat, which is currently one of the most popular instant messaging applications, is used on all mobile devices with Android and IOS operating systems, so advertisements reach users through these devices.
One of the advantages offered by Snapchat is that it is possible to get effective advertising services with a low budget as well as a very high budget. It is very easy to advertise using advertising models that are effective with a low budget.
Although there are no redirects in the ads published on Snapchat - it is possible for your users to visit your site as your brand will increase brand awareness. In this way, you can provide heavy traffic to your site with ads.

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