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What is SEO?

Although the definition of the term SEO today is defined as improvements in the website, its target area and developments are expanding day by day. With the increasing expectations of the internet user and the developing technology, SEO criteria are changing. We, as 13Brave, are working to create the most suitable website architect for these criteria. So, why is SEO Work needed? SEO work is done for website owners and company owners to reach the highest number of visitors and customers in their sectors.

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What is Internal SEO?

The whole of the work done on the creation of the foundation of a website is called Internal SEO. In this process, some professional SEO tools are used. The technical errors and website performance of the website are examined with tools such as Screaming Frog and Deepcrawl. As a result of these examinations, some improvement suggestions and applications are presented. The main purpose of internal SEO is to enable the website to be better understood by Google, that is, to index it more easily, and to allow Google to crawl more pages on the website during the day.

What is Off-Page SEO?

After solving the technical problems in the Internal SEO part of a website, the work to increase the image and authority is called Offpage SEO. With external seo studies, it is possible for the website to gain authority in the eyes of Google by getting backlinks from reliable link sources. These backlinks are recommended to companies with the name of moving the sites to the top and gaining more prestige in the eyes of Google.

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Is SEO Service Necessary?

SEO service is one of the channels of digital marketing such as social media marketing, content marketing. SEO studies are mostly required for e-commerce projects, corporate companies, news sites and sites with traffic concerns. When done by expert teams, it leads to positive results. Relevant keywords are the result of the work done to come to the first page by identifying them with word analysis.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our SEO Service

Before starting SEO work with 13 Brave, we wanted to answer some of your questions. In order not to make wrong decisions during the SEO process, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you.

We cannot directly call this question SEO or SEM because it will be very beneficial for you to act completely according to the KPIs you have determined. We can offer you the following method: SEO work can be done on these words by listing the words that bring conversions for you, but at very high costs. Thus, there may be an opportunity to obtain the word that will bring conversion to the site at a cheaper cost.
UX and SEO are now becoming an inseparable whole. Google confirms this belief every day. The speed of the site, which is one of the most important metrics especially in the field of on-site SEO, has a positive effect on the user's access to the information or shopping event in the fastest way possible.
As 13Brave, the actions taken to our customers are presented as reports periodically. In addition, up-to-date ranking reports and technical analysis reports are sent to the company representative by e-mail, upon individual request.
They use SEO tools according to the purpose of use in SEO service. For example, for the on-site SEO part: While it can be Screaming frog and Deepcrawl. External SEO: Like Ahrefs, Semrush…
In order for a website to be scanned very well, it must first be written in readable codes and have fast-opening web pages. While doing SEO work, there can be cooperation with the software department in many details, whether it is on-site acceleration, technical problems.
It may not be possible to move the website to the top by just doing on-site SEO. In highly competitive areas, you need to get external SEO, that is, backlink support. Because while your competitors are opening the authority difference through Backlinks, you need to take advantage of these opportunities by following your competitors.
SEO service is not a regular and short-term service type. It differs as it is created based on the strategies that may occur according to the current situation of your site according to the type of competition. In other words, SEO services are not provided to every company at the same time.
Organic traffic is the traffic that a website brings to the site entirely through the search engine without paying any fee. This traffic is brought entirely through SEO work. The more successful the SEO service, the more potential traffic there will be.
There is no guarantee of first place and word guarantee in SEO work. In SEO studies, the only success criterion should not be evaluated with performance. The faster and more effective the recommendations are made, the faster the performance of your site will increase. Since the work done at the end of the day will be evaluated by Google, it will not be healthy to guarantee success.

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