Radio Ads

What are Radio Ads?

Contrary to popular belief, Radio Advertising is an even more effective medium today than before to reach consumers. The time people spend in traffic in large metropolises greatly increases the rate of listening to the radio. Radio is a mass communication tool that people often prefer at home or at work, as it allows to do a second job while listening.

The fact that the production cost is low compared to other advertising channels has an important role in the preference of radio advertisements in terms of price and performance.

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Benefits of Radio Advertising

  • It provides aural reinforcement of the message given on TV.
  • Contributes to the slogan of the brand name with a strong jingle.
  • The cost is low.
  • As well as national broadcasting, regional broadcasting can be applied.


Spot Advertisement: The type of advertisement published within the advertisement zone
DJ Talk: The radio show host talks about the product in his own style for an average of 90 minutes. Provides brand loyalty. It is interactive.
Program Sponsorship: It can also be called program ownership. The voice-over says “presents/will continue/continues/presented” for 5 seconds each before, at the end of the selected program and between generations. It is a type of advertisement that provides branding.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Radio Advertising Service

We wanted to answer some of the questions in your mind just before we started working on Radio commercials with 13 Brave. In order not to make wrong decisions during the advertising process, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you.

Radio advertisements are audio advertisements. There is an effort to persuade the consumer by introducing the product that he has not seen with only sound. Therefore, the sound effects, intonation and emphasis used in the advertisement, the credibility of the promotional text and the presentation of it effectively are important. Advertising text should evoke positive feelings in the target audience, and should not bore the audience with repetitions. It should appeal to the intelligence and imagination of the audience.
The cost of radio advertisements is quite economical compared to other media, especially television. Advertising prices vary according to the broadcast area of ​​the radio, the listening rate, the duration of the advertisement or sponsorship.

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