Outdoor Advertisements

What are Outdoor Ads?

Outdoor advertisements, also known as outdoor advertising, are the general advertisements that the target audience sees in their daily routine. Outdoor advertising, which is preferred by companies that want to reach the target audience without an intermediary, to have a place in their subconscious, and to have prestige, offers multiple alternatives to the customer as it can be applied in a wide area from dressing the building to the posters at the bus stops. Outdoor advertisements have developed quite rapidly today and have taken place in almost all our living spaces.

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Outdoor Advertising Types

Billboard: There are two types as fixed billboard and Billboard Plus (moving and glassed BB with interior lighting feature).
CLP (CityLight Poster): Stall and individual city rackets, 3-faced cylinder rackets.
Megalight: It can be stationary, with banner changer and digital. It has a high impact with its size, vertical position to traffic and movement feature.
Giantboard: It is formed by combining 4 billboard units side by side. It enables creative and special applications.
Board: There are 2 types as Towerboard and Megaboard. It can be located on the main arterial roads in the city or on the main roads between the cities. It provides high awareness with its large size.
Lightbox (Billboard Maxx): 6mX3m tall units with light.
Electric Poles: It is applied in 2 ways as poster board and pole banner. Poster boards are generally used for orientation purposes. It directs the passenger in traffic to the target location by reporting the direction and distance. Pole banners are cloth banners measuring approximately 90 cm X 250 cm. Perpendicular to the road, high frequency.
Wall Cladding: Increases brand awareness with the right location, effective lighting and a striking visual.
Shopping Malls: Poster inside the mall, led screen, escalator coating, elevator coating… Giant LED screens outside the mall.
Plazas: Stand installation at the entrances of selected plazas, elevator door cladding and use of elevator panels
Sites: In-site panel and indoor door hang, sample distribution in selected areas.
Airports: Printed and digital racket networks located inside and outside the terminal, special projects.
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13 Brave Outdoor
Transit Channels: These are open air units where pedestrians or drivers are targeted during urban transportation.
  • Metro-Tramway: Advertisement areas inside the wagon, inside the station and at the exits. (In addition to the use of led screens inside the wagon, boards, rackets, and stair-side boards in subway stations, special projects such as train dressing, brand corridor… can also be done)
  • Metrobus: CLP Racket, in-car panels, bushandle and led screens in station waiting areas.
  • İETT Bus: Dashboard inside the vehicle; full and half coating outside the vehicle.
  • Dolmus-Minibus-Taxi: Vehicle wrapping.
  • Steam: Seat dressing, service table, poster board, led screens; on the piers, racket and board units.
  • In Aircraft: Service desk, trunk lid, seat dressing
  • Turnstiles: Station turnstiles covering.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Outdoor Advertising Service

We wanted to answer some of the questions in your mind just before we started working on Outdoor ads with 13 Brave. In order not to make wrong decisions during the advertising process, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you.

The process of transferring the images to be printed to the required material with the help of mathematical data is briefly called digital printing. In digital printing, unlike traditional printing techniques, images are transferred to paper, vinyl, foil and similar materials with the help of a digital printing machine.
All advertisements made in open areas (this is within the scope of shopping malls) freely used by all citizens, domestic and foreign guests are included in outdoor advertisements. Signs, billboards, pontoons and flags are examples of the main ones.
The advertisements preferred to promote a company on the main road and highway, to promote products or to show how far away areas such as restaurants, cafes, gas stations are called totem advertisements.
Billboard advertisements that we frequently see in our daily lives are the advertisement areas located on the main streets, busy districts, shopping mall entrances and the sides of the highways during our travels. Many brands that want to be on these roads, where millions of people travel daily, make agreements with advertising companies to promote their products.
These advertisements, which we are used to seeing on the sides of municipal bus stops, are among the types of advertisements preferred by companies today. In terms of promoting a brand more, stop ads are the right choice.

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