Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is technically creating a natural marketing strategy on social media tools by working with people who have reached large audiences on platforms such as Instagram and Youtube.

Apart from the influencer title, titles such as blogger, youtuber, traveller, phenomenon or Youtube vlogger can also be used.

Influencers, who create a loyal following within the framework of their own abilities, have the ability to persuade this audience. They build trust in the audience and can be characterized as the new digital friend of the masses.

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13 Brave Influencer

Contribution of Influencer Marketing to Your Brand

The new opinion leaders of the digital world, influencers, have the ability to change the behavior of your brand’s target audience and restructure their thoughts.

Thanks to this marketing strategy, it can be ensured that the target audience of your brand realizes the desired consumption behaviors by utilizing the power of the new opinion leaders of the digital world.

This relationship, built on trust and sincerity, will create a more permanent and sales-oriented effect than traditional marketing methods, especially for the Z generation who spends time on social media.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Influencer Marketing Service

Just before starting our Influencer Marketing work with 13 Brave, we wanted to answer some of your questions. In order not to make wrong decisions during the service process, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you.

While creating the influencer marketing strategy, first of all, the influencers suitable for this study are analyzed and rated in order of importance. In order to perform the marketing, a brand awareness is created for this person's followers. Afterwards, campaigns are carried out through influencers to market directly to the target audience.
It has been determined that a person is exposed to an average of 1000 advertisements every day. More than one type of advertisement such as banners, brands, used brands appear before users without even realizing that they are advertisements. Influencer marketing, on the other hand, gives users a natural advertising air and directly delivers them to the content.
Influencer marketing strategy comes up with a risk-free plan. As long as a social media phenomenon with the right target audience that can promote the product or service well is determined, the brand will not suffer any harm. We choose the social media phenomena that will best represent your product or service for you, and we manage our work meticulously in all processes so that you can appeal to large audiences.

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