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What are Gmail Ads?

As Gmail account users know, ads are published at the top when using a gmail account. These ads are also given through Google Ads. These ads appear in front of those who use the gmail e-mail system. And these ads are published in a remarkable way. Ads can also be shown to others by sending an e-mail via Gmail.

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Gmail Ads Targeting

There are various targeting options in Gmail Ads. These targetings have great importance in determining the audience that the ads will reach.

  • Demographic Targeting
  • Topic Targeting
  • Targeting by Keyword
  • Domain Targeting

Technical Requirements for Gmail Ads

There are some criteria that Google sets in order to publish Gmail ads. These criteria are some technical requirements that cover the content and format of the ad.

First, some content is prohibited in Gmail ads. These prohibitions; It covers topics such as religion, sexual orientation, racial and ethnic issues, alcohol, physical features, adult content, health, politics, get-rich-quick scheme, adoption, substance abuse, scary content, malware. In addition to these, different ethical and sensitive points that Google may find objectionable during the inspection of advertisements may also be included in the prohibited content.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Gmail Ads Service

Just before we started working on Gmail ads with 13 Brave, we wanted to answer some of your questions. In order not to make wrong decisions during the advertising process, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you.

Gmail ads, which allow you to communicate and interact more closely with your potential customers, make your job much easier in this sense. Gmail ad model differs from other ad models in that your ad can be saved by users and directed to other users.
In Gmail ads, you don't pay post-click to expand your ad. After the first click, there is no payment when users come to your website or save the ad and direct it to someone else.
Gmail Ads have various targeting options to reach potential customers. These targetings include in-market audiences, audience keywords, demographic targeting, and targeting such as customer matching. Apart from these, you can find users who have already interacted with your site using marketing targeting.

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