Facebook Ads

What are Facebook Ads?

Almost all organizations, small or large, have taken their place on social media. The two social media platforms with the most users are Facebook and Instagram. According to research, it is seen that social media ads (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) are 85% more effective and preferred ads than other ads. Social media ads occupy a very large place in terms of reaching your target audience. Thanks to these ads, you can connect and interact with your users with your target audience. Contact us for detailed information on how social media ads will be beneficial for your business and what kind of strategy should be determined.

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Facebook Ad Models

As one of the largest social media platforms, Facebook provides businesses with a wide variety of advertising experience with various advertising models.

It is possible to reach large audiences with the right advertising strategy by using different advertising models with brand images and videos.

Advertising models that can be created in different strategies such as visual, video, loop and collection are used with brand contents.

These advertising models; It helps you make big improvement in post engagement, page likes and event response rate.


While explaining the topics that your target audience is curious about in detail in your video content, you can fully display your product/service features, so you can easily attract the attention of your target audience.


You can use high-quality images when directing your target audience to your website or app.

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You can showcase the products in your catalog in a personalized way to encourage your target audience to shop.


You can share details about your product or service with your target audience by using images with independent links in a single ad.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Facebook Ads Service

Just before we started working on Facebook ads with 13 Brave, we wanted to answer some of your questions. In order not to make wrong decisions during the advertising process, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you.

Facebook ads are a paid advertising platform where businesses can express themselves best to their target audience and deliver their products or services with the most suitable advertising model for their targets.
Facebook ads support the sales of your created target audience. In addition, it also increases sales by reaching people who visit your website or mobile application. By determining the most relevant audience with a wide range of target audiences, users are matched with advertisements specific to the products and services they are interested in, which increases the shopping rate.
Facebook ads are not charged according to the number of words or the area covered by the ad, as in the print media, so advertising budgets vary according to criteria such as target, ad model, number of people to be reached.

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