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Another of the many conveniences included in lives with the use of the Internet is the acquisition of branding facilities through digital media. However, digital media, which must be managed with the right steps, will provide companies with significant gains in their permanence goals.

Media on digital platforms other than traditional media is also an important provider in terms of planning a trade site with all the details and addressing millions of audiences as soon as possible. In this context; Persons or companies that want to promote their products or services on digital platforms should start with the support of a professional who is an expert in their field.

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What Does Digital Media Planning Include?

Digital media planning is the work that can be planned with all the details in order to reach the targeted groups, such as advertising and public relations, and address millions of audiences as soon as possible and increase brand loyalty. It covers the whole of high access, sufficient frequency, optimization and reporting studies using digital channels.

Media planning, which organizes your brand’s strategy and planning with a careful and meticulous approach, creates the most accurate customer approaches, as well as digital media planning and purchasing facilities that can be benefited by anyone who wants to move their brand to digital platforms, and the advantages of using and revealing the strategies your brand needs correctly.

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Being able to stand out among millions of companies and brands on digital platforms and gain a foothold in front of your target customer group may seem quite complicated with traditional methods. In addition, digital media approaches that are not done at the right time with the right planning and strategic approaches can cause you to suffer losses in the long term.

It is extremely possible to become a brand with the most accurate approaches by taking digital planning support, which is the shortest step to prevent possible damages and to make a difference among competitors by keeping them in mind.

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Digital media planning with broad organizational strategies, purchasing and reporting steps; It enables individuals to reach millions of audiences in a much shorter time by utilizing the digital planning infrastructure instead of selling their products on digital channels and directing their products to a limited number of audiences.

In this context, a successful media planning is directly proportional to the appropriate purchase made according to the determined targets and the experience of the advertising agency that will run the campaign in digital media.

Digital Media Support Advantages

  • Digital planning, which is an important provider in determining the most accurate approaches for advertising and promotions, provides ease of access to wider audiences by making appropriate strategic improvements.
  • At the same time; With the planning step initiated by creating a correct strategy, advertising activities are carried out by providing time control, that is, by observing the conditions of presenting the product at the right time.
  • Planning consultancy, which leads to all these being done within the scope of a specific plan and strategy, also provides support in minimizing time and cost losses. For the most accurate strategic approaches, the support of a planning specialist is required.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Digital Media Planning and Purchasing Service

Just before starting Digital Media Planning and Purchasing with 13 Brave, we wanted to answer some of your questions. In order not to make wrong decisions during the advertising process, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you.

The channels differ according to the audience they are addressing and the audiences of their contracted publishers. While choosing the channel, the brand's demand, target, audience, budget and campaign period should be evaluated one by one and appropriate channels should be determined.
Where each penny determined as the 13 Brave advertising budget will go is clearly determined in advance and submitted for your approval. With your approval, the start is made and the actual budgets are reported daily. In this direction, the conditions determined at the beginning are not exceeded and they are adhered to.
We can think of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) as the desired target to be achieved. Separate KPIs should be defined for each sector, even for each product. Because each sector and each campaign has its own dynamics and accordingly changing targets.
Big data; It is the form of all data collected from different sources such as social media shares, blogs, blogs, photos, videos, log files, converted into a meaningful and workable form. Big data, when interpreted with the right analysis methods, enables brands to take their strategic decisions correctly, manage their risks better and innovate.
It creates all kinds of fingerprint data that online users leave on the internet. The opportunity to reveal new trends by analyzing and making sense of this data enables brands to gain competitive advantage in digital advertising. Collecting and analyzing data and creating a meaningful whole for the brand and integrating it into campaigns provide cost and time savings for brands. In this way, the right person can be reached in the shortest time with the least cost.
Data Management Platform: It is a programmatic network that creates categories by tagging user movements through cookies, and then presents the data obtained to DSPs to ensure a successful target audience study.
Demand Side Platform: It is a method that facilitates the purchase of the area where the advertisement will be displayed. The application helps advertisers collect the most appropriate digital data and simultaneously go to the auction.
Supply Side Platform: Equivalent to DSP, it provides better advertising management around the publisher. In its shortest definition; They are platforms that enable publishers with display, video, native or mobile inventory to purchase advertising spaces in their inventory by advertisers through software.

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