Cinema Ads

What are Cinema Advertisements?

Cinema advertisements are advertisements that reflect the most effective visual and auditory experiences to the audience that are not included in other media. It is a type of advertisement that is presented before or between films in desired cinemas. Cinema commercials contain more than just an advertisement. In this environment, everything should be presented in an attractive way to those who go to the cinema to have a pleasant time. That is why it is defined as a media buying strategy. The purpose of cinema advertisements is to establish long-term communication with the audience who come to watch the cinema.

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Why Cinema Ads Matter

  • Region, theater, movie… can be selected.
  • It reaches a narrow but niche target audience. Since it is a digital broadcast, the sound and image quality is high.
  • As zapping is not possible, the viewer cannot escape from the advertising message.

Cinema Ad Types

Screen: Broadcasting the advertisement spot on the screen before the movie starts or between the movie.
Foyer: Digital Display Advertisements, Stand setup, Toilet mirror, ticket covering, stair dressing.
Racket: Rackets positioned in waiting areas. It is sold as a network.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Movie Ads Service

We wanted to answer some questions in your mind just before we started working on Cinema commercials with 13 Brave. In order not to make wrong decisions during the advertising process, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you.

The duration of the advertisements shown before the film cannot exceed 10 minutes, and the intervals between the screenings of the films cannot exceed 15 minutes.
The halls where the movie is shown in the cinemas are divided into categories. Advertisement prices vary according to these categories, the number of theaters where the advertisement will be shown, and the films.
Since it is both auditory and visual, it has a great impact on potential customers. Technical opportunities are utilized to the maximum extent in delivering the messages to the target audience. All customers entering the room will see the ad. The recall rate is high. The measurement rate is high.

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